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The Successes of Pivotal Change in Homelessness 2021 – Northumberland

An informative presentation on homelessness in Northumberland County and the successful ability to navigate and pivot amidst a pandemic.

Program Agenda

1. Setting the Scene; An Overview of Homelessness in Northumberland.
2. Northumberland County Alignment: Homelessness Plan, Community Safety and Well
      Being and Homelessness Coordinated Response Team
3. Emergency Shelter Services and Supports
4. Successes and Opportunities with Shelter Overflow
5. New Opportunities for Knowledge Mobilization
6. Transitional Housing, What’s Different and What Works
7. Incorporating the Voice of Lived Experience
8. Food security: Approaches to Food Security and What It Means in our Community
9. Community Wellness and Well Being in Practice
10. HARP: Examples in Practice

Presenter’s Bios

Anne Newman
Executive Director, Transition House

Anne Newman is the Executive Director of Transition House, and has been for almost 2 years. Anne has spent the last two decades in leadership roles in the social services and health care industries. With a degree in Political Science, combined with a diploma on Social Service Work, Anne’s focus has been supporting the equity of access to community and health care for all citizens, specifically vulnerable populations. Her most recent leadership roles have included: Managing the Transportation program for Community Care Northumberland, Project/Cooperative Manager for Legal Aid Ontario’s CCLCO, Program Manager for Nucleus Independent Living’s Supportive Housing Program and Growth Strategy Manager for the Girl Guides of Canada, to name a few. Anne’s career has been focused on client advocacy with strong program management leading to consistent and successful outcomes. Anne will say that fitness and yoga have been key in ensuring high energy and she has also interwoven this into her work life by travelling through the Caribbean leading fitness programs for travellers and locals. She now offers this on zoom due to the pandemic and continues to develop mindfulness tools for those she works with. Anne offer’s passion and leadership to the Homelessness System in Northumberland and has demonstrated commitment as seen during pandemic service provision. As Transition House evolves, Anne brings these previous experiences to the staff and clients continuing to ensure a holistic approach to community integration and ultimately sustainable long term housing solutions for Northumberland residents.

Chantelle Niles
Emergency Shelter Services Manager, Transition House

Chantelle Niles supports the mission of Transition House by overseeing all general shelter operations, including client service provision, and the Shelter Staff team.

Holly Ferguson
Client Services Manager, Transition House

Holly Ferguson is the Client Services Manager at Transition House. Holly manage the Overflow Motel Program while overseeing and providing direct case management to individuals seeking shelter through the Coordinated Access System in Northumberland County. She collaborates with other agencies in order to provide high quality services and support to Transition House clients.

Alora Candler
Transitional Housing Program Manager, Transition House

Alora Candler is the Transitional Housing Program Manager and oversees day-to-day operations at our Next Step Program. Building partnerships with community agencies, and developing daily programming.

Sarah Tanner
Community Service Manager, Transition House

Sarah Tanner is the Community Service Manager at Northumberland County Community and Social Services Department. Sarah’ s role oversees outreach case management, homelessness, community safety and wellbeing and areas of food security. Sarah also leads the development of the County’s first Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan.

Sarah’s collaboration with community agencies lead to the establishment of the Northumberland Advisory Group that came together to identify community priorities during the pandemic and the appropriate allocation of all rounds of the Social Service Relief Fund. These initiatives included such things as a day and nighttime warming room, ongoing emergency sheltering options, Northumberland Eats and other food and health programs. Sarah and her team just coordinated the successful implementation of the Point In Time Enumeration count that included other department and County staff along with homelessness serving community agencies.

Sergeant Janice MacDonald
Cobourg Police Services

Sergeant Janice MacDonald is a member of the Cobourg Police working with HARP – the Homelessness Addiction Resource Pro