Success Stories

Thank You letters from Past Residents
Senior thank you

This is a small thank you to acknowledge your hard work and to express our gratitude for giving a safe harbor through April & May to our family member.

Her ability to care for all aspects of her life is much eroded by her declining mental health….which she does not see…..You were there to provide a temporary safety net.

Thank you very much!!

To the Staff at Transition House

Your kindness and your thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for all you provided me over the Christmas period – a secure roof over my head, a place to share meals and a caring environment. I am doing well and am getting ready to live independently. Much Love

Thank You

Just want to thank you all for your help, love & support during my stay at Transition House. If it wasn’t for you taking an interest and concern with my wellbeing I would not be living and enjoying life in my new home. Thank you again.

Thank you and all the staff of Transition House

You offered me a clean, safe place when I was going through a difficult-yes- “Transition”. I am very grateful for my time at Transition House. I was embarrassed, uneasy yet found it was not as difficult as I anticipated.

I would hope your “guests” appreciate how fortunate they are. I know I did. We were all well fed and housed.

Also, I commend the staff for being efficient and professional under very difficult circumstances. To deal with the range of ages and problems was a challenge, yet the staff coped and maintained order.

I am offering a small thank you. Grateful to know you are there when people need you.

Youth thank you – To staff at Transition House

I know you have brought me back to life. You have put a roof over my head and food in my belly. I know I may have been a pain at times but you’s truly have sent me in the right direction and helped me in my ups and downs. So thank you so much again. I pray I can help someone the way you people helped me. Love always